08 December 2011


That ^

That right there.

That is what I wrote at the end of Green Glass Heart on Tuesday the 6th of December.

54,041 words.

164 pages.

It is a very weird feeling.

I printed it yesterday and have begun the first read-through for typos and general editing, things that are apparently impossible to catch on a computer. I don't think there is a full page of text so far that I haven't written on.

Fun times.

20 October 2011

"Arizona's waiting on these eyes...."

Well, it is off to the SouthWest tomorrow for me! I am excited...... and utterly petrified. However, I do get to see a friend's wedding (first of my friends to get married, not counting my sister, and somehow she doesn't count.) Weird.... good, but weird.

Am taking a notebook (no suprise there) but am leaving my laptop (gasp! choke! three days without it!!!!) at home. Hopfully I will get some progress done on GGH, and not just spend the entire time in the air doing Sudoku (Sudokui? One Sudoku, two Sudoku?).

Blessings be on Kendrick and Victoria as they start this new stage of life!

Oh, and I am going in a veritable mobile library. I will let you know if I stumble upon Voldemort on my way.

17 September 2011

Background work

So, the talk I had with my brother about the story he hasn't read (Green Glass Heart) I cam up with a partial list of the things I had to go back and think about. This is what currently resides in my notebook, cheerfully written in the only color pen that came to hand at the moments, apparently. Red. Yes, I realize it is probably illegal to write lists about a story called Green Glass Heart in red pen, but what can I say??? It's edited of course, to not give too much away.

- Earlier show K. and I. when first together.

- Show other Resistance members in the line of duty, and injured/killed doing it.

- Show Bolero's capture.

- There needs to be a previous fight between K. and P. where they both com off badly/wounded.

Suffice it to say I have a lot of work to do. The thing is, the whole plot is so complicated in my mind that it gives me a headache, and I never have quite figured out the tack I want to take.

29 August 2011

And So It Begins

School, that is.

I'm back at Temple as a Sophomore - and a crazy sophomore at that, with classes as far flung as History, Tae Kwon Do, IH, and Math....... And I thought I was supposed to be an English Major! With six classes (although I may drop one as too much bother for the merit) I am going to have even less time for writing this semester. I  hope, hope, hope, that I will be able to continue working on both Green Glass Heart and Burning Sands and Burring Sun at a reduced rate throughout the semester. IT might even help to have the academic work, because that leaves more room for the subconscious to do its thing. Yay! >_<  

23 August 2011

Eureka................... drat!

Ok, wow.... so I had this long talk (well, he talked and I answered) with my brother-in-law about Green Glass Heart and he made me realize by asking pertinent questions that I have a lot of background work to do before discovering how to do in my EO and make my resurrected protagonist's (as opposed to the troubled protagonist or the host of major minor characters) reappearance seem plausible..... ah well, so much for telling myself I'd be done with this wip's rough draft by the beginning of school.

18 August 2011


Well, here I am, almost the end of the summer, and I am supposed have finished the first draft of Green Glass Heart. It's not happening though (yet, at least). I've still got to kill off my Evil Overlord (the "EO" for short among my friends), and I've no idea how to do it, as I don't wish to stray into the unoriginal "monologue" sort of ending nor do I want him to just be finished without a fight..... well, we will see what we will see....

11 July 2011


How with a gentle hand I dashed
And broke apart your life.
My careful pen a source of pain
To you, who now is left
With only words like these. Now smashed

Upon a page: careless,
Jotted, smeared, black and bold on white.
My pen and ink your like
Shall never see, your care, your might.
Not sorry, I confess,

Poor boy, it had to be, you see
The Words and story called
You know. And could I say them wrong?
When right they were, all told?
And you paid the heavy price, I see,

But do not think, my friend,
I went scot-free. Oh, no, I shook
With half-wondering fright
And yet went forth, and knew you struck
Against the angry fiend.